Why Using Homemade Fertiliser?

In my previous article, I mentioned the baby boomer generation only used the homemade fertiliser to grow plants and the soil in good condition so the plants managed to perfectly. However, now the nutrients in the soil are not as good as before, hence it is difficult to accept the palm plant to grow healthy and stronger by just using the homemade fertiliser because the homemade fertiliser  is not going to supply sufficient nutrients as much as the tree wants.

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The farmers believe that these kinds of fertiliser could give enough nutrients such as ferric and manganese, however, it is not true! It also depends on the area you are living in. For instance, those farmers who are from overseas countries could not use this method because of the higher pH level in the soil. Hence, ground animal bones will not be suitable for this kind of soil. It will create some problems which none of the farmers wants.

Apart from the homemade fertiliser, farmers also using a different kind of custom made fertiliser using a few ingredients. This is a very famous operation among the farmers and they believed that this fertiliser is able to work perfectly for the plants. Since then, it has become a norm for the farmers to do so and it went for quite some time until the soil loses the nutrients. Then it shows that the custom made fertiliser actually does not work based on scientific perceptive.



The custom made fertilised made of using the water, an alkaline solution such as ammonia, hydrated magnesium and alcoholic drink namely beers. The farmers' mixture all these ingredients together and fertilised the palm tree. However, the research shows that in this fertiliser there is no chemical K and N which are potassium and nitrogen. Thus, it will not supply these chemicals to the plant needs.

Lastly, there is a question rise among the farmers, people do this due to the direct manufacture price fertiliser malaysia that keeps hiking.